The More Human Web Conference

Sud Web, it’s one conference day - one open forum day, and many casual conversations. Next edition will append in - at Anduze, Gard (30).

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Why is Sud Web more human?

Because we focus on narratives and feedback rather than technical conferences.

Because we want to create connections between the web crafts·wo·men and all the other activities : the story of each person resonates in our own experience.

Because we encourage informal conversations and make sure that they occur in pleasant, family-friendly and circulating spaces.

Because we create the conditions for a self-managed human adventure: we use the barcamp codes to organize a two-day immersive adventure in a convivial place.

attendeees’ quotes and write-ups

The talks

Feedback, out-of-the-box thinking, narratives… which will echo your professional daily life. Every year, a unique and diverse selection that should inspire you.

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see the line-up

The Barcamp

You are the main actors of a self-organized, passionate day.

You are free to switch from one activity to another at any time.

You submit topics that you think about with other participants.

Sleeping in Val de l’Hort

This year, sleep right there for more informal talks! See our article "Choisir un lieu plutôt qu’une ville (fr)" to know more about this decision. Accommodation is included in the ticket fee.

The "Val de l’Hort" (open in a new window) will accommodate us from Thursday evening to Saturday, in dormitories, tents or double rooms (see the website for more details). Don’t hesitate to contact us for any question.

If you do not wish to stay in Val de l’ Hort, alternatives exist.

A circulating space
A circulating space
Peaceful and shady places
Peaceful and shady places
Tourism and Handicap Label
"Tourism and Handicap" Label